Demand Forecasts FMCG/CPG.

Traditional Demand Forecasting methods provide inaccurate results at lower granularity levels which has resulted in companies losing 100,000s to millions of dollars every year. Industries are also facing a loss of opportunity due to traditional forecasting taking upto 3-6 months while not providing great results at lower granularity.

Traditional method

Accuracy 45-65%

48 Weeks


Accuracy 80-90%

4 Weeks

Organisations today take-up to a minimum 3-6 months to come up with predictive analytics solutions with accuracies varying from 45% to 65%. At Mate Labs, using our AI-powered platform "MateVerse," we can compose customised fine-tuned demand forecasting solutions according to your business needs. Due to the technological prowess that AI brings to the table, we can curate customised solutions in just flat four weeks while helping you achieve accuracy levels varying from a minimum of 75% to 95% at the lowest granularity. It can help organisations overcome the risks associated with decision making such as

1  Inventory Optimisation

2  Stockout

3  Overstock Challenges

4  Optimise Logistics

5  Production Plan

6  Efficient Pricing

7  Promotions

8  Effective strategies around developments,price, visibility etc

Enterprises with over 5000+ SKUs/products can use demand forecasting to achieve both short term and long term objectives at the lowest granularity and understand where the demand is generated. This plays a pivotal role in the administration for both effective and responsive corporations.