Sales Operation Optimization.

Industry-standard sales optimisation models are not able to accurately match tele-caller agents to the right leads, which consequently result in low conversion rates. These models are also unable to accurately predict the right time to call the prospective lead to ensure a sales conversion.

Traditional method

Accuracy 45-65%

48 Weeks


Accuracy 80-90%

4 Weeks

Organisations today take-up to a minimum 3-6 months to come up with sales operation optimisation models with accuracies varying from 45% to 65%.

We at Mate Labs, by using our AI-powered platform "MateVerse" can curate customised solutions with the highest possible accuracy in under flat four weeks by

1  Improving your sales conversion by over 30% by matching the right tele-caller agent to a lead

2  Increase your NPS margin by 10% by giving the agents the right time to call the prospective lead

3  Finding the right incentive model to motivate your sales agent

Operations are the core of sales efficiency, and It's accountable for how pursuits and outcomes are tracked. The management can use this solution for decision making all to maximise productivity and optimise your bottom line. Its mandate: free the sales team to focus on selling and equipping them to sell as efficiently as possible.