Sales Attribution.

In the analytics powered world, there is more pressure than ever to analyse which marketing channel is driving the most leads accurately. Executives spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on attribution models that need remodelling depending on various demand driver. Millions of dollars are consequently misdirected into wrong channels that are not driving the desired sales or achieving desired targets.

Traditional method.

Accuracy 45-65%

48 Weeks


Accuracy 80-90%

4 Weeks

Organisations today take up to 3-5 months to come up with these models that need remodelling every month with accuracies varying from 45% to 65% unable to receive higher accurate results and help improve their bottom line.

At Mate Labs, using our AI-powered platform "MateVerse," we can curate customised solutions for your business with the highest possible accuracy in the market in all under flat four weeks with live simulations to fine-tune your strategies by understanding the various effects of their demand drivers such as

1  Promotions

2  Visibility Information

3  Fill rate

4  Discounts

5  Price

Attribution models are an essential driver of helping executives better conjecture which marketing effort drives most leads. It is particularly valuable for the businesses that that are trying to understand their sales cycles and understand one time purchases in their sales funnel.