Network Optimisation.

Network optimisation models have not been able to predict which warehouse location would ensure optimal transportation costs accurately. Organisations' operational OpEx is still increasing, despite spending hundreds and thousands of dollars to make efficient supply chain and logistics models

Traditional method

Accuracy 45-65%

48 Weeks


Accuracy 80-90%

4 Weeks

At Mate Labs, using our AI-powered platform "MateVerse," we can curate customised solutions for your business with the highest possible accuracy in the market in under flat four weeks by

1  Reducing the number of your CFA locations by at least 20%

2  Reducing your operational OpEx by 20% to 30%

3  With online route allocation and optimisation

All businesses with a supply chain intend to operate at the lowest cost possible while being able to manage extraordinary customer service and speedy delivery. This can help companies to save millions of dollars by strategically placing their CFA (warehouse) locations promoting cost reduction in warehousing and transportation costs.